Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Update

We're still getting whalloped with this snow storm. It started a week ago and when I last measured, yesterday morning, we had 16+" of new snow. We're to get another 2-4' during the day today. That doesn't include that it snowed all night, so I bet by tomorrow morning I can measure and it'll be over 20".

I can tell you that as my corgi's go out in the doggy yard for a business run, only their ears are sticking up if they have their heads held high trying to see. I wish the runs ran a different direction so I could get some pics of ear tips and occasionally a nose sticking up!

And to think 3 weeks til Spring! Please HURRY!

Calgon... take me away! Do you remember that old commercial?


  1. Put yer boots on and get your butt out in that deep snow and take some pictures of those Corgis!!!


  2. Hi Shar. I saw your comment on the Welsummers Yahoo group and though I'd come for a blog visit. Great blog! Then I realized that you are the newest follower to my blog and I want to thank you for that. I'm signing up to follow yours!

  3. LOL Shar. I do remember the commercial, but I think the snow is taking you away instead. Now I feel bad....not sure how long it will last, but the sun is out and the snow is melting over here. My animals are loving the fresh air.

  4. I went to take a pic for you Nancy and the snow has melted down too much. I tried to get a pic of them a couple days ago when we had the last dumping and their trail didn't go in a direction that I could get just the ears and nose up in the air. They don't cooperate either as they always think I'm up to something. Murphy can always tell if I'm going somewhere when I get dressed and he has fits wanting to go. Maybe it's the lack of dog and goat on my clothes?

  5. Leigh, tank you for the compliment on my blog! You're welcome on my joining as a follower on yours. May I post your blog link on mine? Thanks for following mine too!

    I really enjoy the blogs. It's neat to hear what others are doing and how. It's also interesting to see what it's like in other areas on a daily basis.

  6. JLGoingGreen, you may just be right! It got to 37 here today and the snow is really melting down a lot! It'll be a "flood" with mud by the end of the week!

    I've hauled my sled with water jugs for the goats and chickens to the barn and it didn't tip the jugs over! The sled packed it down nice too as it was hard to walk as I kept dropping down through it and got my feet wet in spite of boots. I'm in to change boots now.

    20 days til Spring. I can make it... I think I can I think I can....