Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decorating Tip to Save Money

Do you have kids who LOVE iCarly? Today on "Nate" was a segment on a teen girl who adores her and wanted to decorate her bedroom like the iCarly bedroom. The "Nate" show decorated a bedroom on the set for the gal to customize it for her but with the iCarly influence. I about fell out of my chair when he suggested buying a large letter M for the gal's name for $24+ and painting it to match the decor.

If you're decorating with your kids, don't go to a "department" store for a letter in the craft or decorating area! Use cardboard or the poster board to make the letter or the full set of letters for a name! It would be so much cheaper and your child could help with the decorating of it!

If you are a bit crafty, you could even cut the letters out of corrigated cardboard and make it a "sandwhich" to make it thicker and cover with wrapping paper or material. It would be soooo much cheaper and still be cute and affordable!

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