Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001

I heard on the news we now refer to 9/11 as National Service Day. I prefer 9/11 as National Service Day can include many types of service. I feel that the historically sad day is best not combined with other events in honor of the significant number of deaths, the families and friends of the deceased and our many many people who assisted in so many ways and some for so long. Now some of the firemen/cops and others are having lung issues from the inhaled dust. So for me, I'd prefer 9/11.

That being, my thoughts and prayers are with all who passed in such horrendous ways, the families and friends, and the many many heros who helps and still do. My prayers are also with my friends and family who had losses on that tragic day. My prayers are with all the countries who have come together in these years past to protect freedom.
I so wish there could be much more peace in the world and more understand of other cultures and such to help spread it further.

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