Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update on LadyBug (injured goatie)

I think I asked for those who can to please pray LadyBug heals from her injuries. Due to the severity of her injuries, I've been afraid to get my hopes up for her to be able to heal and survive. She still has a ways to to, but the prayers are working from what I can see. Her hoof and leg appear to be healing pretty good. After hubby's bone infections, being septic and such, I didn't have a lot of hope for LadyBug. But now I feel I can take a deeper breath and feel she may have this beat if we don't end up with something else going wrong!

I know I haven't given much at all in details and hope to write that up in the future and include pics.

LadyBug has really become "spoiled"! She LOVES treats and has a lot of expectations of how she thinks things should be going. Being in the house, she's now paper trained for piddling but those berries are another story. Thank heavens they are easy to clean up! We go through a ton of papers with her and the 2 doelings. She does out side a bit now into the doggy yard for a bit of fresh air and for the doelings to frisk around. Today she actually ran a few steps a few times! This was a first and sure had me holding my breath and smiling at the same time. I can no longer bandaging her leg/hoof without her being held. I think she's tired of it being "messed with". Maybe she's afraid it's going to hurt. I know it did for some time. It can't be bad now because she'll put her front legs up on the side of the playyard and stand on her back legs even though she bears most of the weight on her good leg.

Please keep up the prayers for her complete healing. They are working!

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