Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Bahhhh humbug! Some one please tell me it isn't so! It's "that" time of the year and I'm sure not ready for it!

For some reason I'm NEVER ready for Fall! It's just getting too close to Winter and means a lot of tidy up time and preparation time for several months of nasty, cold and well below freezing. It means snow, and more snow and even more snow before I can get it dealt with and throw in a whole lot of ice too! It means closed up windows, and only a couple days of sunshine but a few months of cloudy and dreary skies with limited daylight. It also means floundering around outside doing chores in tons of clothes and snow above my knees. That's HARD trudging and rough on the legs and back.

Then there is the issue of ICY roads and add to them the fools who don't slow down and cause more of a hazard in the Winter then they manage to be in good weather!

Fall is really quite a pretty month and does have a lot going for it such as better sleeping weather, less bugs, but..... it isn't my favorite as it's too short. Winter weather arrives in only a month or thereabouts.

Maybe I need a banner up top for the number of days until Spring! ;)
There's my annual "whine" and now it's time to suck it up and deal with it again!

Interestingly, I wonder if the folks who like Fall the best mostly live in the Southern part of the US. I'm sure if I lived in the South I'd like it a WHOLE lot better and Summer a WHOLE lot less. Is our favorite season a geographical thing?

What region are you in and what is your favorite season?

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  1. I love fall! Fall means rest from the weary summer hours for us! We work 16 hour days in the summer months and we actually get to have a somewhat "normal" schedule in the fall and winter. That is if you call farming "normal". ;-)