Sunday, September 5, 2010


Do you sew? I have sewn all my life but have had times where I did a lot and other times I did little to none other than mending. I would hate to think of not being able to mend and operate a sewing machine! It has to be expensive to either pay to have mending done or throw clothes out for not being able to mend.

One of the most memorable sewing projects I have done over the years was to make my 3 daughters matching tops with skirts. They got to choose their color and all had lots of lace and ribbons on them. Then I took them to get a free pic at a photographic studio.

I recently came up with a craft idea that will take a bit of sewing. I've been drying homegrown catnip and am going to sew some catnip mice. I hope to be able to sell a few as I have a few people who expressed interest. I've thought of doing an Etsy shop but it needs enough crafts in it to make it worth while. This should be a good one - I hope. Too bad there isn't "dog nip" too!

Then yesterday I read that September is National Sewing Month. Coincidence maybe? I guess I better get my sewing machine in gear! Fortunately I don't have a lot of mending needing done. I can just get to the sewing.

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