Sunday, June 13, 2010

Animal Crackers

Yes, animal crackers! I've had a long long history with animal crackers thru the years!

Those simple little goodies we loved as children and could be entertained for hours with, while we examined each and every animal and compared it to the others! We could play with them for hours, especially in the car on a long drive! The circus decoration of the box added to the enjoyment and play. I use to love them and they bring back childhood memories. Now, however, they taste like soap or something not so yummy!

Then when my children were young, we bought them and they played with them. Then we took to making magnets with them for their drawings which proudly hung on the refrigerator and freezers. Then they made it to a craft for girl scouts. It was determined a non toxic paint was best as occassionally one was low enough on the frig for a dog to reach and consume, leaving the tell-tale bit of magnet hanging without it's attached critter.

Now-a-days, I feed my goats (and dogs) animal crackers for treats. The LOVE them! The goats especially like the pink frosted ones. Today, I ran across this info of what animals are in a small box of animal crackers. Should I tell the goats and dogs what they are so enthusastically gobbling up or leave them uninformed?

1 lion
1 buffalo
2 sheep
2 monkeys
2 tigers
3 rhinos
5 bears
6 gorillas
(Supposedly the combination in a small box.)

I don't know why they would have sheep and them be the only domestic animal amongst the exotics! From memory, my bags have horses or maybe zebras in them and I don't remember seeing buffalo. So last night, when I was handing out treats and milking, I had to take a better look at what I was feeding my milkers (along with their fig newtons)! That meant I had to take a pic of them, of course, and share it with you!

I guess all animal crackers aren't the same! My dollar store variety combine domestic and exotics. Now my memories of animal crackers have been taken to a new level!
Who would have thought from back when I was a child that I'd someday be painting and then later writing about and photographing animal crackers?

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