Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reuseable Grocery Tote Bags

Do you use these? I sure do and they've gotten pretty handy other than just shopping too.

So far, my favs have been the blue and black WalMart bags and the green Spartan Stores bags. The Walmart bags are great for most all things. I like the Spartan bags better for canned goods though. The Walmart bags have a bit longer straps which are handy. The Spartan bags are a perfect design and sturdy for canned goods. The cans stay standing nicely instead of tipping and "spilling" onto their sides. So they are easier to carry without cans jabbing me.

Today I got one of the new TSC "green" tote bags.

It's a pretty tan on the front and back, black straps and black side gussets. A really NICE bag and I'm going to use it for my personal tote bag instead of just using it as a shopping bag. It's really sturdy looking and I like the size and shape. It has their advertising but it's note something I don't want to be seen carrying, etc.

This one is definitely going to be some tuff competition.

It's a bit taller than the Walmart bags (which I see are now even smaller) and the Spartan bags.

As you can see, it's passing an inspection! It seems it would also suffice for a kitten scratching bag. Enuff, Bobbi! I do think I better be careful. I may find I'm leaving home with more than I intended!

If you like tote bags, you might want to check this new one out at your local TSC or other farm store!

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