Monday, June 21, 2010

Turkey Trot!

The 5 turkey poults "trotted" out to the "trailer park" to join the chicklets who are doing great and growing well. The turkey youngsters just seem too big to be poults any more and yet they aren't old enough to be hens and toms either. Does that make them turklets? Like I've been calling the juvenile chicks chicklets? What ever I call them, being I don't know the correct term yet, they seem to be happy to be able to stretch upwards and ruffle their feathers while flapping their wings a bit. They are growing well and are larger than the younger chicklets out there so shouldn't have trouble adjusting to new friends. There's also a young cockeral from the brooder with them who is quite feathered who has since joined them. As soon as they were out of the way in the brooder, the young cockeral decided to take on all the chicks in the brooder.

Now I need to clean the brooder out GOOD and then I can add some other young chicks to it and the current inhabitants back in until they finish feathering on their backs. The newly hatching and 2 keets need the smaller brooder (which also needs cleaning). The new hatchlings will be here soon and the first has pipped. One keet is doing great and the other not as well. I'm hoping that they both make it as I'd hate for them to not have each other being I don't have any others for them to buddy up with in a flock. I'll be BUSY tomorrow!

I have twice today wanted my camera and not had it handy. I miss too many photo moments. I would loved to have had pics of Bobbi (kitten) who has decided hub's foot would be a great scratching post when she was done napping on it. She sure has a lot of "powers" too. She kept hub's confined to his recliner until she was done napping. Cats do that kind of thing! The other missed moment was of Patty, the smallest goat kid. After helping milk her mother and adopted mothers, she jumped up onto a grain barrel that's lid had been knocked off and settled in for a lazy time of cud chewing while watching the milking proceedings and other eating or chewing cud in their stalls. She sure looked cute laying on that white mesh grain bag surveying her domain.

Oh to have another dig camera! Summer could be more fun with camera close at hand!

Have a great summer!

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