Thursday, June 3, 2010

So Little Will Power!

I took hubby to the dr. today and had to also make a quick run out to TSC while in town. That was to be a FAST trip in and out of TSC. I alllllllmost made it fast! BUT....they stopped me in my tracks!

I sure wish those chicks would quit calling me to their tubs! I have done so good all season with just looking I was getting proud of myself for having such restraint.

Alas, TSC had a new shipment of chicks today. They were VERY nice looking chicks! They were very alert, active and just had that "doing great" look to them (ALL of them). I could also tell they really wanted me to bring them all home - especially that tub of the black sex links. They are all pullets of course! I was talking to them (yes, I do stand in stores and talk to the live critters) and they were just begging to be rescued of course! Ok ok, you don't believe that... but at least I don't stand in the stores and talk to the stuffed animals! lol

Needless to say, that dire need of a new brooder lamp and red bulb also included 6 black sex links who captivated me and I'd like to have some experience with. Plus, it's the end of the chick season for them and even though they just came in this am, they are already a reduced price! I got them for $2 each. And, yes, I need more egg layers. I got 0 (yes, ZERO) eggs again yesterday.

After all, what's 6 more chicks? Just because I have an incubator due to hatch Monday? I'm addicted to fluffly little chicks, young feathering out chicks and my chickens!

There are a couple good coupons on the chick box too! One is for $2 on chick grit which I'll need more of at some point!

Plus, just think..... next spring I can have another hatching experiment! I can see what these 6 produce when I hatch some of their eggs from my current roos. Will they produce black sex links or loose the "link" all together?

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  1. Hey! What's wrong with standing in stores and talking to the stuffed animals??? I always talk to the Stuffed Bears...


    Are you going to the chicken show in Richland Center tomorrow?