Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet Bobbi

Doesn't she look like one of those fluffy animal slippers? She actually lays by choice on hubby's foot like this!

No, she's not near as innocent as she looks either. Don't be fooled by a baby face!
Yes, she does have an opinion as you can see. In fact, she has an opinion about everything! She's a VERY independant little kitten!

Bobbi is a Manx. She's not 100% but she's 100% cat!

Bobbi was also born in a barn on at a goat dairy. She's now a house kitty and she took right to the litter pan. She does love her goat milk too!

She is a calico but is that marbled like calico with yellow and white on her tummy and face, along with interspersed in her body hair.

Hopefully she's going to grow up to be a lap cat! Hubby likes a lap cat and since his stroke, he enjoys the company of the cats more. The adult cats have their adult agenda and don't like to spend a lot of lap time in the summer. Hopefully she'll be a good mouser too!


  1. My beloved Simon was a Manx. They are the best cats! Enjoy your new little girl!

  2. Thank you, Amy! She's quite a little character at this point. Those TEETH and CLAWS...!!!! I kind of wish we had brought home another too. There was a yellow and white GIRL also that I really liked too.

  3. And she's a torti! Obviously with tortitude. My torti went missing about a year ago and I still miss her dreadfully. She was an excellent mouser with personality galore.

    One of our 2 new kittens is a dilute torbie. I just hope she has the torti spunk too.