Friday, June 4, 2010

National Days for June 4th

Today is National Frozen Yogurt Day, Cheese Day and National Donut Day!

"Friday, June 4th's sugary celebration is actually a real holiday. In fact, since 1938, the first Friday in June has been celebrated as National Donut Day. Its beginnings were sweet and meaningful...and its modern-day meaning is pretty sweet too.... The holiday was initiated by the Salvation Army as a nod to the women who served donuts to soldiers during the first World War." Source unknown. I think this is a neat history lesson!
June is also:

National Candy Month
National Dairy Month
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month
National Iced Tea Month
National Papaya Month
National Seafood Month
National Turkey Lover’s Month

We can't hardly go wrong can we? Plus these are just the one's I've run across now and I know there has to be more! So find something that suits you to celebrate and have a family doing enjoying it! If there's a little fun history with it, all the better.

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