Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yesterday, May 29th, was my anniversary. As if it wasn't bad enough to realize my age in February, I now am "looking at" how long I've been married. Where has the time gone? How did I manage to become 60 and married for 39 years? It's definitely something I've been pondering over!

That being, I'm still "on the go" even though I have slowed down since my farming accident in 1993. I'll definitely continue to homestead and enjoy my critters. A number isn't going to stop me from that.

What I have pondered and realize is that homesteading has it's seasons and the busy times and "down times". It has good years and bad and all the other years that don't qualify as one of those 2. Life is pretty much like that too!

Interestingly, we can take a moment to reflect but the homestead keeps on it's course! While I reflect, the weeds are invading my garden plots, the raspberry plants are continuing to decline inspite of my watering and trying to encourage them to thrive. The rhubarb and tomatoes are doing great but I have more to plant! My peonies are blossoming. The critters need tending.

Back to business! I have chicks to move to the brooder, the final count to be taken, and the brooder to be disinfected to set more eggs!

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