Monday, May 17, 2010

Dilemma from the Hen House

Do I or Don't I? That's the question of the moment!

The topic pertains to the new incubator I was GIVEN! It's a used, still air Hova Bator 1602. I'm still "tickled" over my luck to acquire this last Friday!
I so want to impulsively fill it with eggs of course! So I'm trying to use a little self control. I've cleaned and disinfected it. It's been running for a couple days and doing GREAT!

I've been advised to get a new switch and wafer being it's obvious to me that it's not new. The previous owner says she used it 1 time. I do believe her and greatly appreciate her generosity. I do suspect it may have been used when she got it and I didn't ask. It didn't matter to me. I need to order the parts as the advice of getting new ones is good!

I have sold 3 of my hens and I'm seriously hoping that I'll have some of their offspring hatch. They will leave tomorrow and I'll be left with 2 colored egg layers. One is a lightly feather footed Americana so I suspect her to be part Cochin. She lays a BEAUTIFUL blue egg. The 3 hens leaving lay green eggs. I still have and am keeping the pretty buff "Orpicauna" hen who lays a drab green egg. I would like to hatch out some of the green eggs from the 3 hens leaving so that has my seriously considering filling the incubator tomorrow after they leave and I have collected the last eggs from them.
I also got an egg from the new silver laced Cochin trio! I can't wait to hatch some of their eggs too!
My black Cochin hen has gone broody (finally) and is setting on some Cochin eggs and possibly a couple from the Orpington hen. There also might be a blue egg or 2 but I've not seen what she has so far and the day I found she truly is broody I gave her the 4 brown eggs I had just picked up from another nest. I was afraid she might of only had an egg or 2.

All that being, I would like to replace the wafer and switch, but I want to hatch the eggs from the hens that I sold too. I have some other eggs I've also collected since Friday. The best eggs for hatching are under 10 days of age and preferably 7 or less days from what I'm told.

So, I'm pondering do I or don't I fill this incubator and go for it? I'm sure leaning that way.....It would also be nice to know how it does compared to the cheap Little Giant incubator I have!
The incubators and brooder are in the house, and hubby and I are both enjoying them. The chicks who graduated from the brooder are out in the front of the horse trailer and doing GREAT! I don't want any house chickens so I must be sane, right? NO offense to anyone who does have chickens as house pets at all. Yes, I'd bring a sick on in and cage it to treat it if needed, but not to roam with the cats and dogs!

I think the REAL answer to this dilemma is, YES, I'm hooked on hatching eggs! I'm hooked on chicks.

I guess there's worse addictions one could have!


  1. I'd say go for it. But then I just put 41 eggs in my incubator and another 40+ under broody hens.

  2. My kinda gal! lol

    I did it..... And I now have 2 broody hens with some eggs!