Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Confess!

I am a kidnapper! And I've done it again!

I have kidnapped a buckling from his momma and grandma! Momma isn't sure about all this as it's her first kidding.

Danika has surprised me and had her buckling before her twin,Raquel and before Cinnamon and Macey.

I expected Cinnamon and Macey to kid first and then Raquel based on their udder development, lax ligaments, etc. I KNOW that udder development is an individual thing! I know some can do all the pre kidding things that we watch for in a short amount of time and others spread it out slowly. So that being maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but I am! While milking tonight I watched Cinnamon with her bristled hair along her spine being BOSSY! Cinnamon is never bossy - she's a push over! Cinnamon is very alert tonight also, hollowed out flanks, more udder development, etc. So I'll be checking her during the night. It's another cold night tonight. (I'll have to make a quick check of the chickies in the trailer too!) I've been eyeing Raquel quite a bit too. Also Macey who has the largest udder of the FF's and has taken to laying down to eat her grain and just laying a lot! Macey is very wide and I expecft twins from her.

OH MY! PLEASE don't let the next 3 kid tonight! Geez, that wouldn't be fair and I'd get NO sleep! I have a guy coming to do some work at 10 am!

Cinnamon and Raquel will have to beware of the kidnapper that I've become!

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