Friday, May 7, 2010

A New Hatch

I've new clutch of eggs went in the electric hen (incubator) this morning! The hatch date is the 28th, with lockdown the 26th. I sure hope it goes much better this time as I had a hard time with the loss of the pipped chicks who didn't make it on the last hatch.
I have eggs from my Favorelles, a few from the Orpicauna (Orpington x Americauna cross) who lays the darker drab green egg and a pretty blue egg from my Americuana who has feathers on her legs and shouldn't. I also have 20 eggs from a friend's Jersey Giants. Hopefully we'll have better results. I'm going back to turning the eggs by hand like I did the first hatch as I used a "prop" for the turning last time that was like an electric turner. There are also less eggs this time than last so maybe that will make a difference.
I am at the point that I'm hooked on hatching! I am also at the point that I definitely want to upgrade to a better incubator. Shipping of eggs is too expensive for an incubator that won't give a better success rate.

I'm also at the point I'd love to have a hen go broody! She might have better luck than I do!
Please cross your fingers with me and send good vibes for those chicks-to-be! Grow chickies, grow!


  1. Oh, I hope you DO get a good hatch, Shar! I agree that a different bator is a good idea if you're going to be spending money on hatching eggs. I wish I could send some of the broodiness from MY girls over to you! I've got four hens setting on eggs and/or chicks right now!

  2. Yes, I DEFINITELY need an upgrade. Better hatches will mean running less and saving on electricity and postage! Yes, I could sure use some of that broodiness! I thought the Orp hen was going broody but then I don't think she is....