Saturday, May 22, 2010

Incoming and Outgoing

Macey and Cinnamon decided to kid last night. Nipper must have been a busy boy but a happy one breeding 2 of the big girls! He does have a big ego and just KNOWS he's "de man" about the barn! (Photo 1 all 3)

Welcome to Cinnamon and Nipper's darling, light as a feather, black doeling! She has frosted ears, muzzle and tail. And is she ever tiny and a light weight! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! (Photo 2 - Cinnamon's doeling)
Welcome to the farm to Macey's and Nipper's twin bucklings! They were quite a surprise. I had expected Macey to kid sooner and knew she'd most likely have twins, but I didn't expect the colors and such tiny little guys! Macey is a black headed Boer doe and Nipper is a black ND. They made a chamoise boy with a pretty white star on his forehead and his ears are very frosted. He's really cute! They also made a caped Boer pattern that is a gray head instead of red with a white body. Then they put spots on his head. He has a black spot for each horn spot and around his eyes are brown and black spots with a few other randomly placed spots! I do have to wonder about these spots! Nipper does have his moon spot on the back of a hind leg so it's entirely possible these are moonspots that will lighten when he sheds out. Moon spots are often black or dark brown at birth and lighten later. Paint spots never change colors. (Photo 3 and 4 - Macey's twin bucklings)

Anyway, what a surprise! It makes me wonder what Mo'Nique and Nipper are going to have as Mo is a triplet with Macey (and a 3rd doe). Mo is is a black paint Boer. Then there will be the "loudly" patterned/colored ND does who are bred to him....

The outgoing news is that Mylo and Otis are leaving for their new home tomorrow. We're meeting their new family part way across the state on our way to Spirit's former home. I'm looking forward to meeting Diane who will have the boys. I'm sure they are going to an awesome new home. They will get to be goatie ambassadors as Diane is a teacher and they get to go to school! REAL people kid school. Being kids I'm sure they'll fit in and give the other kids some farm education. I just hope my kids don't teach those kids bad habits like jumping on the furniture and all as it's a big game here! They will also have an adopted lamb brother and I hope they treat him well.

I did my first solitary disbudding on these boys and I so hope I did a good job. It was as stressful and upsetting to me as it was them. I had a very hard time burning those little tiny horns and ended up having to touch up a bit today. I could see where I had gotten low enough on one bud on one boy but not on the other 3 of them (2 per kid is right) so redid a bit to make sure there was burning to the lower inside part. I wonder how many of these I'll need to do by myself before I can improve my method and not shake so badly for knowing it hurts them? If nothing else, they should love their new home a whole lot more now after this!
Their 2 gallons of milk is bottled and ready to go with them. That way they'll have an easier transition as their feed can be changed over gradually so there won't be tummy upsets from a change of feed. They should adjust well and easily.

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