Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Martha Stewart Can't Milk Goats!

Good grief! For Martha's farm and her supposed expert status she wants us to THINK she has, she's NOT! And this isn't the first time I've seen this on her show.

I hope you'll get the humor of this and not take it that I'm being mean as that's not my intent. HUMOR is!

She had "Farmer John" bring his goats (3 of them) to the show to give the viewers a chance to see goats being milked. MS hasn't a clue! First they (the show) put together some wooden stands for the goats to be on and then a wooden square for them to stick their heads through to be milked. The feed tubs had their individual names on them. Cute touch, but it wasn't a head gate to hold the goat, just a square they could put their head through if they chose to check out the goodies. Good milkers they are they did put their heads through and eat some.

Then someone handed MS a wipe. If you know what you're doing, you're going to use it to clean the teats and udder off. Not MS, she wiped her hands and the goat's face and tossed it aside.

At this point I was wishing hubby would have moved faster to see this but he missed it - to bad too! I was really getting a kick out of this and wondering how many of the audience and viewers were.

I was wanting to see if someone else was getting it as I was! Anyway, then they hand MS and Farmer John fancy big GLASS measuring cups. The goats were looking at them all strangely. At this point it was VERY apparent none of these folks milked by hand. No, everyone doesn't have to but IF you want to go on tv and show how to milk a goat it would be nice if you either bring your equipment or be able to milk.

So the supposed milking begins. MS hasn't a clue how to milk even though she had just put on that it was easy and she knew what she was doing. (I guess maybe we all need to start wiping the goats' faces off folks!) MS also is of the belief a goat has 2 udders as she kept saying udders and other udder. Reality is a goat has 1 udder and 2 teats. She couldn't get but a drip or 2 out so they old her to pull down. So then she'd grab a teat and pull on it. That poor doe was a good sport and deserved an award. She looked at MS like "Hey lady...." but she stood there like a trooper! I was impressed with the does!

Eventually, MS had a dribble in her measuring cup and Farmer John was declared to have half a cup. Yes, only half a cup, not half a gallon, etc!

Is it just me or do other goat and cow folk feel the same? IF a tv show is going to show us a segment then they should be able to do what they are intending to show us. Yes, maybe I got too much enjoyment out of their fiasco, and shouldn't hold them to higher standards, but they are paying their "experts" to come on and show us enough of how to do something to get us to spend our money, etc.

FWIW, Farmer John was on a time before and they did a segment on making goat milk soap. They did an excellent job on that segment. That's another reason I expected more from this as his farm has a reputation of being experienced and knowledgeable.

If we want a lesson to take away from something such as this, it may well be that those who profess to be experts or should be, may well NOT be. We need to pay attention to the details and it's ok to "question" things we see and hear even from experts. No one is right all the time.

Sure wish I could be right more often though.... some lessons are hard to learn as we can be pretty critical of ourselves at times.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post, it was too funny. We don't have TV so I've never seen MS's show. I think though, it points out a basic problem in that some folks can not, will not, admit that they don't know something or know how to do something. I don't understand why. In the end, they look stupid and a lot of misinformation is spread around. Sad.