Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goat Milking Success

Yahhh! I FINALLY got Raquel milked with only a few tiny dribbles of milk left on the stand, no hobbled leg(s), no getting down on her knees and a very reduced amount of foot action! Foot action was also limited to one foot at a time AND I actually got to milk both teats at the same time for a short time. That seemed to be too much for her and my goal was to not make anything worse so we kept our progress continuing! She had also got her head into the gate MUCH faster than usual and got on the stand faster too! She kept busy eating instead of trying to think of which maneuver would get me to quit. I think she also has it figured out that if she's going to kick the coffee container out of my hand that she'd be wet with milk and would get a foot or both feet hobbled. I'm also not having to leave her on the stand after milking as long! (I'm still giving her a good dozen treats each milking but... it it works it's worth it and she loves treats!)

We are getting there! She's going to be a super milker as she's milking a good quantity, big udder that milks out nice and fast. Her teats are a lovely size and shape with great orifices so she's going to be fast and easy to milk.

SUCCESS is being achieved! We are almost "there" to milking with the stainless bucket and 2 handed! GO Raquel!

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