Friday, March 25, 2011

Buster - 2011 Alpine Buckling

This boy is NICE! I'm VERY pleased with him so far! The white on his legs and sides is quite striking. Spirit is his dam and Bandit definitely his sire and brother too.

Note how the white comes up almost to the wide, black dorsal stripe and is really even. It comes soooo close to meeting perfectly. Then he's got the V on the back of his head and the "cap" of tan hair.

Look at that face! He's really much more CUTE and pretty in structure in person compared to a photo.

He's laying on my barn jacket that I brought him in from the barn in. It seemed to keep him more content and it's washable. His left hind leg has more white than the other legs.

Hubby has started calling him Buster. I was calling him Lucky because when I found him, he was chilled to the bone and lucky to be found alive. He was even cold inside of his mouth and lethargic. He's small enough that he got a place on hubby's lap with the heating pad and a blanket. (Another way to warm a kid reasonably fast is to put them in a garbage bag, head protruding out and soak them in warm water. I've had good results with the heating pad as they are small enough to get it over their whole body and neck.) After warming, we started him on heat-treated colostrum (CAE prevention). Now he's to the point that he's finally starting to try a little bit of hip hop with his moseying around.

At this point, I think he'll be sticking around for a while as he's pretty flashy and put together really nice - not to mention that he's got that over all "look" of elegance.


  1. I get the biggest kick out of all those trinkets you've got in your big ' bag of tricks ' that you're always digging into for a fix! LOL He's so adorable!

  2. It's almost too bad "Bandit" is already taken! This little cutie looks almost like he's got a bandit mask on (like Zorro?).

  3. Thank you! Ingenuity is a good frugal method to save money at times. The fine art of it all is the line of demarcation where one would end up with major expenses that could have been saved by acting sooner vs the right gut choice that will usually work and knowing when to seek further assistance. ;) Hope that makes sense. I have a headache I'm trying to think through...

    Bandit has that same mask and got it from his sire. Buster got it and the deceased twin did too. It makes one wonder if the facial marking gene is dominent. In this line of goats it looks like it could be.