Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Race Is On!

Spirit kidded a GORGEOUS buckling this afternoon. She also had a plain buckling who didn't make it. We have the survivor here in the house warming up and "coming alive".

I'm not sure about who's next. Claire and Kendra are coming on like gang busters and could easily join in the race. Claire looks like she could even go tonight or tomorrow so I'll be doing some late checks on her. Lady Bug (ND) and Mo'Nique (BoerXAlpine) are both coming on good and could do a big bang finish.

In my escapee notes from last Fall, I had Spirit on for Saturday as the early possible kidding so this is 2 days early and that's "nothing". I have Kendra and Claire for today but didn't expect it to happen. I think I have them on for Monday or Tuesday as possible, along with Mo'Nique and Macey. I have Becca in there but she's not got much of a start on her udder and still looks like she's at least a month away. I also have a notation that Bandit and Nipper escaped and got with ALL the does making them all due Monday or Tuesday.

I also have Becca down for possibly April 2nd, and Macey and Mo'Nique for the 6th and then Mo'Nique and Nipper the 10th. I'll be surprised if Mo'Nique goes that long but would expect Macey to. I'm not putting any bets on them though!

So, the race is really on and most all should kid shortly and most look it. Claire's big big belly has dropped and she's hallowed in her flanks along with her udder and teats now shiny and positioned. Mo has NO ligaments and a floppy tail to handle. I'm going to hope they don't do anything over night but will do some barn runs anyway.

It never fails that the coldest nights hit just when it's kidding time! Today's buckling was dry but VERY cold (to the bone like) when I found him. He's warming nicely on hubby's lap and finally started looking more alert.

And I can't wait to get better pics of Spirit's surviving buckling. He is nicer than I would have expected. Being this is a mother x son breeding (not what I wanted!) I'm especially pleased so far. I may have to keep him around for a while.

I'm sorry this is such a discombobulated post. Between fixin' dinner, the 5 kids in the house screaming, Spirit's kidding, heat treating Spirit's colostrum for this Lucky Lil Bucky, hubby, get firewood in for the night and early am, etc..... I'm lucky if I'm right-side-up. I have to do a barn check now so I can watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!

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