Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thomas T Turkey

And here he is! Totally bewildered....

Above Tom is getting his first peek at the T-hens who were needing a suitor. I don't think he was sure of what to think. Maybe it was the look of the goats being in there. Either that or he wasn't impressed with my driving and the long trip home! By night he decided he'd rather spend the night in the barn rafters. Of course he could get a birds-eye view from up there!

Then late this afternoon he finally decided to come down from his perch aloft and strut his stuff and dance for the hens. As you can see that hen in the background was more interested in the goats' feed. The other hen has been very submissive acting towards him and circling around him.

I find being up close to a tom who is in the act of strutting to be an awe-inspiring sight. He sure is regal and impressive up close. He can sure elevate thos back feathers along with the display of his tail and the dropped wings. I so hope this fella is happy and I don't loose another. I was really bummed over the other losses.

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