Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Outhouse Races and a Little Outhouse Lore

Yes, you read that right!

Did you know they have the Fur Rondy Festival in Alaska, and one of the activities is an outhouse race?

This year is the 76th year for the outhouse race so it's definitely something that has enough interest to carry on! It's a "FUNdraising event" to help pay the costs to send UAA students to New Orleans to help with Habitat for Humanity housing.

Unfortunately, we've missed the race as it was February 26th, in Anchorage. The Rondy runs Feb. 25th - March 6th, so you might be able to rush or mush your sled doggys on up there to join in more fun. The world sled dog races are also run during the festival.

Did you know that the crescent moon cutout on an outhouse means it's for women and a star designates it's for men? Or that the cutout is the lighting source? Women's outhouses usually far outlast the men's outhouse.

There was a hotel in Montana at one time that had 12 seats in it's outhouses! Is this why public facilities came about?

If you enjoy reading this, you might want to go outhouse surfing on google! I was blown away by the number of websites and info on outhouses! I even ran across a site with a cursor that is an outhouse, a forum, a newsletter, and the list really goes on! I never knew or could have dreamed this was such an extensive amount of info!

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