Sunday, March 20, 2011

Naming a Herd Sire

With the arrival of my new bucklings, along comes the naming of them! If they are a pet, it's easy as that's the name and it "goes" no where else. But with livestock and males, the name is going to go on and on "for eternity"! Those registered names are going to be important and a nickname that is somewhat babyish or cutsie may not be the thing for a grown male animal. They also don't usually lend themselves to being used for generations. That registered name for the male may well become part of every offspring's name! It also should be something that one can take the animal to a show and be proud of hearing on a pa system! A good name can add to the impression of the animal favorably. It can make or break the sale of the off spring too!

Tiny Tim is most likely going to keep his barn name. I'm calling him Timothy though because he IS going to grow up. He's just not going to be a big ND. His name will be started with Irish Whisper Farms Tiny Tim. The only thing to add is do I want to add something after the Tim that would be more of a theme type name for carrying on if he stays a buck.

Do I want Irish Whisper Farms Tiny Tim's ___? Tiny Tims Trouble(s)?

Or Irish Whisper Farms ___ Tiny Tim? Justa Tiny Tim? What adjective would work well and be fluent to speak out loud? Maybe I want Scandal of Tiny Tim or Scandalous Tiny Tim? And then we have this cute fella (below) who has been going by Sugar Ray at the moment. I need a name for him! A GOOD name. My problem with the Sugar Ray is I would love a name to carry on through his offspring AND, I brought home Maple Sugar who is a LaMancha. She's now going by Sugar. I'd rather not have 2 Sugars! Plus, I can't see calling a buck Sugar during rut or when he's self-gratifying himself (which bucks do a lot of during rut)! Maple Sugar fits very well for the LaMancha doeling.

Sugar Ray is cream/creme and white. He reminds me of peaches & cream sweet corn. Does that make him Sweet Corn Kernals or Creamed Corn and call him Kernal? Get the play on words with Colonel? Should he be Irish Whisper Farms Creamed Corn or Golden Corn? I could do quite a bit with goat names related to corn and even be corny with some! He'll be bred with Maple Sugar so maybe "Sweet" shouldn't enter into his name! So, maybe Irish Whisper Farms Kernal of Corn or IWF Golden Corn Kernal? Is Niblet a good barn name for a buck and incorporate that into his registered name? Being he's a Nigerian Dwarf, he won't be huge. I can see calling an ND or 150 wether Niblet, but not a 150 buck. But then maybe I'd rather use Niblet for a doeling I'd want to keep. That would be cute!

So, maybe Irish Whisper Farms Kernal of a Scandal? I don't want Scandal here and in Tiny Tim's name so maybe use it here and use Justa for Tim. Then the names can be adapted to go the different breeding directions. I have ND's to name, Alpines, Mini Alpines, and now Mini Manchas.

I've used Scandal in my horse names and I really like it. Summer's sire was McScandalous and her name is Sheza Total Scandal. Total came from her dam. It gives a lot of leeway with making up good names that one can be proud to hear on a PA System at a show. It's been fun to use.
Also, I have the ND does who are IWF "bugs", Lady Bug and June Bug. I can have buggy corn or a buggy scandal!
Sugar Ray's and Tiny Tim's sire is Iron Man. That's not getting me anywhere. And this naming registered animals is more of a challenge than naming my daughters was!
Got any neat ideas?

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