Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So Hard to Resist

It was very VERY hard to resist those cute, fluffy-little, feather-legged, ADORABLE Bantam chicks and a couple of the CUTEST ducklings.... not to mention all the others but mostly those at TSC!

The only reason I was able to resist was I had more errands to run and it's toooooo cold to have them out and about before the long drive home. At this time of year I'd want to take a warm pack so they didn't chill badly anyway. But oh, how hard it was to resist them...... And it feels soooo like SPRING standing there in the middle of TSC talking to chicks and checking out those little feathered feet!

Of course I was only there to "run in for a second" to grab the chick flier that one can order chicks from the TSC program. I heard that they have Brahmas and Cochins in it this year so I had to get one and see. This is another that is nearly futile to try to resist as they have LOTS of colors/patterns.

Did I tell you all I JUST bought another incubator? I was going to get a new Genesis 1588 which I'd LOVE to have. But I got a chance to buy another of the Hovabators that is unused but an older 1602 1629 model for a good price.

Unfortunately I just don't have the money to buy a lot of shipped eggs. The postage is horrible and the USPS seems to play soccer with the packages.

Now I need to figure out if it's cheaper to buy chicks or obtain hatching eggs. It might be an idea to get some of the Cochins and Brahmas via the TSC order rather than shipped eggs. Decisions decisions....

What ever I decide, I can't wait to start hatching and having chicks to visit with. I guess I should call it a visit because I can't really play with them, right? Nurture.... that's the term!

But resistance is still most DIFFICULT...

It's so down-right near IMPOSSIBLE that you could just say I'm pathetic if you want!

I guess I better set the brooders up...... I better have one ready to turn on quickly because I have little ability to resist Spring chicks!

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