Thursday, March 31, 2011

A House FULL of Goats!

Today was a good day. It got to 43* today and was sunny, but windy. It sure didn't feel 43*, but was a pretty nice day regardless.

It was a good day for getting a few things done outside.

It was a good day to open the front door and let the inmates (kids) run in and out a bit to get some fresh air.

It was a good day to clean up the play-yard kids' pen I have at the front door and get some fresh air. All the while the kids ran in and out and were in the way of course.

It was a good day to count all my goats. Someone asked how many I have and all I could say was less than 20!

It was a good day for a kidding. It's NOT a good night for newborns in a cold barn though - ESPECIALLY tiny ND kids! Lady Bug kidded twins this evening! Lady Bug kidded twin BUCKLINGS from Nipper! I was hoping I'd get a nice buckling from either Lady Bug or June Bug. Instead I got 2 VERY nice, VERY cute bucklings! The first born (Uno) is brown, the color of the chamoise, but has a tan underside. He has lots of black trim on him too. The 2nd (Dos) is a loudly-marked, belted, spotted, chamoise boy! He's smaller than Uno. Both are VERY CUTE! I wanted a Nipper boy and now I have 2 to choose from.

As cold as it is out, I had to bring them in for the night. I'd decided to let Lady Bug have them for now. After her accident and managing to save her life, she's quite spoiled. She also LOVES her babies. I think Betsy and Domino were her reason to pull through her injuries. She kidded at supper & chore time, so in they came after she cleaned out. I'm soft and I've spoiled this goat.

And, I have a house full of goats! Six in the living room at the door in a child's play yard and Lady Bug with her boys in the kitchen, gated at the back door keeping them in place. As with all things, there is the exception! Wattles thinks he's a free-range house goat so keeps climbing the pen and getting out.

The solution, had it been my way, would have been to wait later in the season for my does to kid! The plans were for the standard sized does to kid the first of April/end of March and the NDs to kid in May. But Bandit bashed in the barn and he and Nipper had a good time with the does in heat.

Hopefully by next week the weather report of warmer nights will come true. Then I'll be moving a bunch of them out to the barn. I'm more than ready for it!!!

Oh, they aren't all mine, but there are now 19 being Lady Bug kidded. There are 5 more to kid. The 2 LaMancha boys, Wattles and Munchie, need to move to their new home. That will help.... a little! After all, Wattles is the free-ranger!

I wish I had and I really do need an enclosed back porch that could be heated if needed. Or a garage, preferably attached, would be wonderful. As it is....

My house has no more doors to accomodate goats!

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