Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just An Update

I'm sorry I've been AWOL except a couple fast posts.

My male Pembrooke Corgi, Murphy, has been in a major crisis. It was looking like he was going to need VERY EXPENSIVE emergency surgery, which I can't afford. I had a very hard time with the first couple of days with it looking like I'd have to put him down. The vet was VERY HELPFUL. But, he's improving so far and it looks like it's going to be a maintaince "program" now. He evidentally passed a "stone" which was a bloody mess and extremely painful. He got nasty sick too which didn't help. Where there is "a stone", there are more "stones". He wasn't eating or drinking either so couldn't be given anything for pain. He took the antibiotic shots very well also.

Fortunately, he LOVES his crate and is very good about spending time in it. So he chose to be there which was a lot of help and made it so he didn't have the stress some dogs do who never learn to be crated. He has only had to deal with the being sick and in severe pain. I'm very pro-crate for just this type of situation. It's also a great way for dogs to have privacy and a chance to relax with a treat without feeling the other dogs will try to sneak the treat. It's great if a dog is food aggressive, and Murphy is. Murphy also eats in his crate and it works well for him as he's very slow at eating and just nibbles on his food for hours. So if he's out of his crate and his food isn't gone, his crate is shut so the other 3 can't go in and steal his food or treats.

It also pays to be able to give shots and have livestock med supplies on hand. This crisis had to occur during a storm and I couldn't get out . Fortunately I had a selection (think $$$$) of antibiotics for the vet to choose from for using on Murphy. They are injectible though so he had to have them via shots.

Anyway, the good news is, he IS improving and not going to have to be put down. He'll be going to the vet this week to see what the next steps need to be to avoid this in the future. I already have a pretty good idea, but still want to discuss the future with the vet because I don't know everything! I highly suspect that much of this is because of a change in dog food due to our feed store closing and having to go to a different one. It's been the right amount of time that urinary stones could develop and become a problem.

Other than that, it finally got warmer out today and I was able to fill the stock tank and freshen up buckets out to the barn and pens. It was also warm enough out that a skunk had to leave it's calling card during the night. With getting up with Murphy wanting outside we unfortunately had to be made aware of that. PHEW and YUCK!

I'm really enjoying the little Bantams so far. They are quite calm so it's easy to pick them up and they all "gather around" to see what I've brought them and watch me feed and water them. I usually take a few minutes to hold one and talk with them. They are responding to my voice too. I've added my little blue Bantam Cochin I had to the group and she seemed to like moving back to the trailer to be with them.

The goats are doing well and I've done another check on all of them. With it being winter, they are hairy little beasties and they hide early udder development pretty well. I'm noticing teats that are "filling out" and firming up so they aren't just hanging and slack. Most all of them are at a very similiar point of development and it's looking like most will kid at the expected short time frame. Most are getting pretty wide. Mo'Nique didn't kid last year but definitely will this year. I've told the "poor dear" that she might be mostly Boer, but she has to be a milk goat now. The same with Macey. It's also time to get some foot trimming done. I'm a bit behind on that and it shows.

Bobbi is healed from her spaying and has her stitches out. She sure didn't appreciate getting them snipped for removal! She was very angry and said so!

Time to call it a night and wish you all a good week!


  1. Aww Shar, I hope Murphy will be ok. He's so cute!! Corgis are wonderful dogs.

  2. I've learned that there are going to be days when tasks may lag. We can never do a thing about unexpected events beyond rendering first priority to giving them time and attention. But the one thing we can be grateful for. Most of those tasks really don't grow legs and walk away before we can get to 'em. LOL Hang in there! I'm trying to the same. That's all we can do!

  3. Thank you both! No, those "jobs" don't wander off at all. No one sneaks in and does them for me for a surprise either! lol Actually, I've decided over the years they multiple like rabbits and goat kids!