Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another This & That Post

THIS is what 2 feet of snow looks like!

PHEW! We got through the blizzard without losing our electricity. The wind was horrendous and kept pounding on the end of the house. That's not normal at all and was rather disconcerting every time it happened. It was a weird storm! We were getting hit with the winds and end of the snow storm out of Canada and the one out of the midwest/WSW came in over it dropping snow that came down is a massive swirl. It showed on the weather on the news and I don't recall seeing 2 storms from different directions like that. It sure does give one a science lesson on wind currents and how diverese they can be! It drifted at the front and back of the house quite deeply. I can't really tell how much we got because of the drifts. In the lower spots it was still over my boots which are 10" boots. So we definitely got about a foot and maybe more. West of us got 20" and East and North got 13 - 16". I didn't catch the amounts for South of us but would think they were closer to the 20". We have an adult foster care a few houses from us so the owner had to drive his tractor to the highway (1 1/4-1 1/2 miles) so an ambulance could get in and followed them back out. So that's finally over! Now we get a few "sub-artic" type days with the highs in the single digits at best. Then what will the weather/news come up with next for our seasonal entertainment?

I do believe I'm going to miss my vet appt. tomorrow! It may be best anyway because I have a doggy in heat, 1 coming in and the 2 squabbly boys! We're not doing any pups so I don't need the shenanigans to deal with and try to keep them separate elsewhere! Here in the house I have the crates, gates and schedule all organized. Bobbi should still be able to go get her kitty girly parts tended to on the 11th.

The rascally ground hog at the zoo near here saw his shadow this afternoon as the sun peeked through. What's with that? Getting some sun peek through during a blizzard! Not to mention thunder and lightening? BUMMER! Ole PPhil in PA didn't see his. I'd gladly take the early Spring. Does that mean we need to get the local groundhog officially documentated as a fraud?

Two days of storms and my hard working hens didn't let it phase them at all. I got 8 eggs yesterday and again today. I didn't expect to see more than a couple, if that today! What dedicated works those girls are! The girls laying are definitely not slackers being they didn't even take of a weather day when all the schools, the courts, the county, state offices, GM and colleges closed! Does that mean we should be hiring and electing hens to fill the jobs? At least they get their job done!

The 3 goats who have been in the outside pen (with shelter) were very happy to have been put in the barn over night. I'll keep them in for a couple days until we through the bitterly cold nights. They seem to enjoy going in side to butt heads and spar with the other goats. The 2 does don't like being with the 2 older Alpine does though so this time they are with the 2 younger Alpines and the ND's. It seems to be going well. There's head butting and bickering over who's going to eat hay in what spot and eat from which grain bucket which is normal and not a major issue. The ND's seem content to move away and watch the antics while staying out of it. Bandit was put with the 2 older Alpines and Nipper. That also worked well other than a goat "table" was tipped and a large dog shipping crate flipped and on the wrong end of the pen. I think that was more from Bandit flying around and trying to impress everyone with his gymnastic routines and abilities. It's much more fun to leap into the air from a perch than off the ground. I probably should be amazed he wasn't at the top of the ladder with a few hens! They have the old rickety wooden ladder for their roost. It gives them a roost but also adds to the room to get out of the way of each other. The turkeys really like the height of the ladder and hanging out on it even in the day time. It makes them happy so.... it is what it is and adds to their enjoyment.

I guess with 30 states dealing with this snow storm and the Eastern states dealing with a surplus of snow it probably wouldn't help to put a sign by the road offering free snow. Craigslist probably wouldn't do the removal job either. I guess I'm just plain stuck with it and stuck in it!


  1. If it's any consolation - I doubt anybody will be showing up at your Vet's office.

    And if they tried - I'd get worried. LOL

  2. Hope you are staying warm in all your snow!! I have been watching the weather's crazy!

    I love the "2 feet" of snow too btw.. ;)