Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farm Name

I've needed a better farm name for some time. I'm no longer breeding Quarter Horses (and showing) so the old name I used is no longer "useful".

I need a name that reflects the farm (homestead) as a whole and not just 1 species or activity.

I want a name that can be used if I sell some chicks or kids. It needs to be useable to sell goat milk soap, eggs, and who knows what. I need something that if I were to rent a table at the farm market to sell soaps, garden produce, and who knows what, that it's useable. I need something that if someday I wanted to have a "legit business" that it can be used.

I don't want something someone else is using or has been used, etc. I want something that won't be used by someone else.

It's even hard to decide wether to use "farm", "acres", or what ever. Much of what I'd thought of up to now I've forgotten in 10 minutes or at least by the next day. If one can't remember their own name for 24 hours, it must not be do-able, right?

Today while driving hubby and I were discussing it. It's one of those deals where I was doing almost all the talking as we've had this discussion numerous times over the last year! Anyway, I asked him what he thought of Menagerie as part of the name. He'd had the stroke so this is a word he's not accustomed to using and it was a mouthful so to speak. He kept saying "menaginary".

So what do you think here? Is "Menaginary Farm" a good one? Using "farm" instead of acres or such indicates there are critters here which is good for the chicks, eggs and goat kids part.

This one keeps rattling around in my head so much that I can't say menagerie right now without saying it slowly and emphasing the syllables! I wanted something easy enough to spell and that I was debating. However to write it down, it's actually pretty easy to spell and read. It looks odd to read for a just a second but saying it while reading it makes sense. It's not something that would be often mispronounced. Hubby can say it and he keeps on saying it too. I think he's rather proud of coming up with a "word" and a potential name.

Menaginary Farm also would allow for a whimsical type logo and I definitely fit the whimsical "style"!

Drop me a comment, please, and let me know what you think! I need some input.


  1. HI Shar!

    Just FYI, if you mean to use the French term, it's spelled menagerie :). Or is it a play on words?

  2. Thank you!

    Yes, it's a play on words with the two blended.... menagerie & imaginary = menaginary. We aren't a legit business with the farm as it's actually homestead/hobby farm. So we have the menagerie and "imaginary farm".