Saturday, February 12, 2011

The New Arrivals!

They're here! They're here! I have the new Bantam chickens! The roads were finally supposed to be good enough to head North to get them. What a pretty day to go too! It got up to 32* and was sunny on the way North. It cooled down some and got a heavy cloud cover for the trip home but that was fine.

I now have a trio of mottled Cochins, a pair of white Cochins, 2 pairs of black Favorelles, and a tiny blue Bantam roo who is probably half Favorelle and half d'uccle. I'm going to use the little roo to baby sit chicks if he's gentle enough with them. He had a harem of hens he was caring for so hopefully he can help the chicks to learn the ropes once they are out of the brooders.

I'm going to put my little blue Cochin hen with the mottleds. I'm hoping to have some eggs from them to hatch and to sell or trade soon.

I'll try to get pics of them soon too. They are in the horse trailer in quarantine at the moment.