Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Loss!



June Bug, who is one of my VERY SWEET Nigerian Dwarf (ND) does had just miscarried. This was her first pregnancy and she aborted QUADS!!! They are preemies and all most likely born dead or died at the time of aborting. They had no hair at all and I didn't expect any kidding until the middle of March. So they are about 4 weeks premature. They were quite good sized for quads and the size I would expect living quads to be born at term. Guesstimating, the 2 larger were about 1 1/2 pounds and the 2 smaller 1# - comparing to the weight of a pound of butter. There were 3 bucklings and 1 doeling. The doeling shared a sac with a buckling. The other 2 had their own sac. They were fully developed with their tiny hooves, girl and boy parts, etc, just premature. She's not bagged up so won't need milked.

And to think my girl had QUADS cooking in that big belly. I'd just had a "visit" with her close up, hands on the other day to tell her how big her belly is and checked for udder development, etc. She was JUST starting to get a bit of an udder. I had to feel it through all the hair as it was so small and under developed.

What a bummer! It's especially disappointing as I lost a ND doeling from Nipper.

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