Sunday, February 20, 2011

The New Bantams

I finally got some not so good pics of the new Cochin bantams. I couldn't get a pic of the Favorelle Bantams to turn out yet.

First up is the little roo, Finn, who is a mix breed. This trio was referred to as "Finn and his merry woman". I can see why as he is GLUED to them! He's going to be the roo-sitter for the chicks I'll be hatching. The 2 girls are the mottled Cochin bantams and sisters/littermates. They are cute and cuddly!!! They have no trouble with being picked up and held. Those who say one falls in love with Bantam Cochins are right! It only took them one time picking them up to hold and talk too. I'm hooked!

Below is the mottle Cochin roo who the 2 girls are supposed to be paired with! The girls want to go with Finn and he wants to go with the Favorelle bantams! The 4 in these 2 pics aren't staying where I put them.
Another pic of the larger mottled pullet.

Below are the pair of white bantam Cochins. The pullet needs a bit better type and the roo has good type. I hope he can fix the chicks! I'll work on improving this. I hope to find a couple more pullets/hens that are white.

That's them! I'll work on getting them situated better and then some better pics of the Favorelles. The Fav's are also feather-legged so they do look somewhat a like but the Cochins have a different "tail set" and are more fluffled in the rear.

I can't wait to start incubating their eggs. First I need the eggs though! Isn't there some saying about not counting one's eggs before they are hatched???