Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rough Winter

It's sure been a rough winter here. We haven't gotten the annual average snowfall yet but we've been below normal in temps all winter. Winter is rough on livestock too. Mine all have shelter and wind protection. I can't control the temps though, nor accidents.

Sadly, I've had another loss. A week or so ago I lost my silver laced Cochin roo. There was a pic of him and his hen in the post. They were by the kiddy picnic table and appeared to be deep in conversation. I've now lost the hen. (See: )

I found "henny" not feeling well and someone had been pecking on her as she had some peck marks on both sides of her head and one on her comb. There was a bit of blood and some smeared on her neck feathers. I brought her into the house to see if I could pull her trough it. She wasn't sneezing, wheezing or coughing. She didn't show being egg bound, and I did suspect she was dehydrated and cold. Her crop was full enough and not hard. So I treated her for dehydration and a crop impaction along with adding antibiotics as directed by the gal I see on a chicken list who has a LOT of experience and knowledge. "Henny" seemed to be improving and opened on eye, seemed more alert and I was hopeful. Alas, she took a quick turn for the worse last night and died. I hope it was easier on her than being outside as it's bitterly cold again.

I really liked this sweet little hen and she always came near when I was doing chores. She was very calm, gentle and cooperative - no flightyness or meanness at all. She was the type of hen I liked and want to have. What a BUMMER to have lost the pair.

It now leaves me with the silver laced Bantam Cochin pullet. I hope I can get my hands on some more silver laced Cochins or eggs this Spring.

Bummer! I'm so tired of Winter and ready for some warmer temps. Supposedly we will get up to the low 30's next week. I'm READY! I think the critters will be too.