Sunday, December 13, 2009

45 Homemade Foods You Can Make Yourself

Usually I won't post a link to send you elsewhere to do something, but this one is exceptional! It's a DIY mecca of info and instructions on making a lot of things we consider staples that our ancestors made themselves or did without!

This will be a great link to add to your favorites so you'll have the info if you happen to run out of staples in the middle of cooking too. There are several categories as it's all nicely organized for us. The categories are:

Condiments and Ingredients
Meat and Proteins
Spices and Herb Blends (I wish there was more to this one!)
Breads and Cereals
Beverages (Another link I'd like to see more of!)

This is the "Planet Green" website so you may enjoy exploring it beyond the DIY info of so many items we usually buy as convenience items.

45 Homemade Foods You Can Make Yourself :

Enjoy your exploration!

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