Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Wimps

What do my chickens, goats, cats, and dogs all have in common?

They are winter wimps! Here we are having a snow storm (which is about blown over) and NO ONE wants to go out side their snug quarters! Heaven forbid they'd get a foot, hoof or paw in the snow that's up past their fanny! Heaven forbid the heavy winds would ruffle their feathers or fur or worse!

An my horse goes out and stands in it to paw in the snow looking for some tidbit and paying her round bale apart. If needed she tucks her tail and turns her rump to the wind and takes a break. She could go stand in the back of the barn but she's the only one here not a wimp!

I am glad I started bird feeding early this year. The birds seem to be enjoying the food and I'm enjoying watching them. The numbers have increased today now that the wind is reduced significantly. I had a blue jay in today too. I've not seen the 2 little squirrels. I thought they'd be back for the corn but they may be hunkered down too.

Then, there is the human wimp who wishes winter was only as long as the winter holidays .... ME! Yes, I've turned into a WINTER WIMP too!

Sunday is suppose to get up to 30 degrees! I think I'll crawl back into my snug bed and wait it out! If only I could.....

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