Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Annually Recognized Days

Special Days
December 29 - Good Riddance Day (A new one!)
December 30 - National Bicarbonate of Soda Day
December 31 - National Champagne Day
January 1 - New Year's Day, National Hang-Over Day and Apple Gifting Day
January 2 - National Cream Puff Day and National Science Fiction Day
January 3 - National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day and Drinking Straw Day
January 4 - National Spaghetti Day
January 5 - National Whipped Cream Day
January 6 - National Shortbread Day, Bean Day
January 7 - National Tempura Day
January 8 - English Toffee Day
January 9 - National Apricot Day
January 10 - Bittersweet Chocolate Day
January 13 - National Peach Melba Day
January 14 - National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
January 15 - National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
January 16 - National Fig Newton Day
January 24 - National Soup Swap Day

December Observances
National Fruit Cake Month
National Egg Nog Month

Look, you can still take part in the 2 for December!

January Weekly Celebrations
2nd Week - National Pizza Week
4th Week - National Meat Week and National Irish Coffee Week

January Observances
National Egg Month
Bread Machine Baking Month
Oatmeal Month
Wheat Bread Month
National Hot Tea Month
Fat Free Living Month
National Soup Month

This isn't all that goes on in January, but a few. I'll try to add more to this in the next few days so please come back and look again!

If you return before I get it done it's probably because I'm looking for some cream puffs and chocolate covered cherries! I also need to make some fruit cake and gobble it down with some egg nog! YUM! Or I may be trying to rid myself of the 2009 bad luck we've had as part of Good Riddance Day! Then we can look to 2010 as being a better year because we rid ourselves of the "ball and chain" weighing us down!


  1. I'm curious who declares these days. I think I'll make January "National Freeze My Butt Off While Cooking Outdoors Month". :-)

  2. I think it's funny that January is considered National Egg Month. That's when my hens go on strike! Maybe someone told them and they took off for the holiday! ;-)

  3. To get public recognition of special days, weeks or months an organization or group of people go to their state or fed representatives and petition to have the day recognized. Typical of the gov, state or fed it takes time and they want a good reason for it.

  4. That is weird that January is the month, Tammy. I agree with you! Mine are on winter strike, but they still expect ME to feed, water and care for them. What's the deal with that? lol What ever happened to symbiotic and reciprocal relationships? I'm doing my part!