Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter is Really Here!

I just wasn't ready to bundle into winter boots and the winter garb to go do chores today! It takes twice as long to do anything when one has to waller through fresh, deep snow! No, it wasn't even a pretty day either! Instead we have high winds so the snow is blowing in one's face, eyes, and through jeans/pants, etc.

I'm not into the habit of wearing work gloves yet so was taking them off or getting them wet in everything I did. This is a BIG problem when it's a whopping 6 degrees out and a wind chill well below 0!

I forgot to replace my good plastic horse buckets with the black rubber tubs for the goat pens. I forgot to carry the hammer around with me so kept back tracking to get it to bust ice. I got a lot of the water/grain toting plastic buckets gathered together though so I can bring them in to store for the winter. Up here in the "frozen north" buckets turn brittle and horse buckets expand and split in the winter. Years ago those misc plastic buckets were cheap and easily replaceable. Now they are a "gold mine" to have and NOT cheap!

I forgot to dig out my plastic toboggan sled that I use to haul things around during the winter. The wheel barrow and cart don't move well and jam up in the snow.

Tomorrow I'll finish that project but I ran out of dry gloves and my hands were freezing! The 2 milk does made it clear that they are milkers and not hand warmers! I guess they didn't get it that I really did try to warm my hands up first!

Usually getting wood in is the hardest part of doing chores. Today it was the easiest and fastest! Alas, the wood was frozen though so it did take a bit of kicking and banging around to get a piece loose enough to grab and give a bit of a whomp on the other wood I wanted. Our usual winter supply gets covered but with hubby not able to cut and split wood, things aren't normal. I have the wonderful pile the neighbors brought me that I GREATLY appreciate and it's not covered as I didn't have a tarp to use on it. It won't last forever so it's just a temporary thing to have to whomp on wood. That knocked most of the snow off too so it did double duty.

So today's weather report is BBBRRRRRR! I guess it's time to get into the right mode. I also think I need to find a countdown banner for spring! I'm ready to watch those days count down to better weather and more sunshine!

Be safe all and if you're in the areas that have freezing weather, please drive safe! Also, make sure you have some kitty litter along and your emergency blanket, kid shovel, etc! I've got mine so I'm not behind on everything!


  1. Oh, it sounds so cold over there. Mind you, it's supposed to be summer here, and it was only 5C here this morning. :)

    Have a great weekend,

  2. I wish summer could last MUCH longer! It's 20 degrees below normal for this time of the year! BRRRR! Gotta find that spring countdown banner!