Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's the Little Things!

It's the little things that count the most at times! I am so happy that I have finally gotten my hands on the name, location and a phone number for an Amish family that butcher's chickens! They're about an hour or slightly less of a drive from me. I've been trying to track down who it is "up there" (North of me) for a few years! That being, I can now take a few more steps in my goals/plans for my chickens. Getting that is a little thing in life but it sure makes my day BIG time! Now I don't have to worry about having excess roosters (roos is what you'll typically read ;) and with the way life is going, not being able to get them butchered here at home due to hubby's health and my own disability. Now I'm hoping to find that either they are the same folks who will dispatch and dress a meat goat or they'll know who it is that is up in the same area. This little bit of info is going to help immensely!

Being I'm talkin' "cheekins" today I thought I'd post this broody hen pic. It's been around a little bit but some of you may not have seen it. You should be able to click and get a larger copy. It's not my pic but was circulated all over the net via email for quite some time. I kept a copy to use on my computer for wall paper. So I think if you'd like a copy of it for your wallpaper, that would probably be fine. I don't know who the lucky owners of this hen are, but I know there are a lot of people who'd love a dozen just like her! What a great hen and what a lucky pup!

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