Friday, December 4, 2009

The Carol of the Goat Bells

I got up to snow today! We had some briefly in the afternoon yesterday and again in the evening. We had snow when the nurse came last night and she said the roads were bad for about half an hour and then the ground heat was able to remedy the situation. Being it's December and snowy, here's something I can share with you! I hope you enjoy it and hopefully you get another reason to smile! I've seen this a few times last year and still had to go visit the site to enjoy it again.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!
(photo: I don't know the owner. The photo came through an email that was passed on and on and she looks like such a cutie I had to share her with the goat carol. IF you own this pic, I'd love to give you credit if you'll let me leave it here. I'd love to provide the name of this cute goatie too! If you want it removed I will do so IMMEDIATELY upon request. )

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