Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter on the Homestead

We got another 4 inches of snow over night and it's loose and fluffy sitting on ICE. Bah humbug! It's snowing now too. I was hoping for a couple days without all the snow as I have things that need done outside.

Priorities for tomorrow are to get the hoses out and fill the big stock tank. My mare uses it and I also have some jugs that I can fill out of it for water for the goats. I try to take hot water from the house out first for the goats but if they need extra I grab it from the stock tank. Some day I should measure the temp in the water being it has a heating element in it. It's not warm water, but it's not cold either.

I also need to clip the wings on 2 of the hens. The orpington and orpicauna (orpington x americauna) both managed to get out over night or early this am. The orp got through the netting and was up on the top on the back side and the orpicauana was on the ground outside. They messed up the netting of course and it's suppose to be keeping the owls and hawks out. So I need to do some more stretching and attaching on it but my gloves were wet by the time I got the other chores done and as going to do it.

I've had to go ahead and let my 2 milking does dry up. They've been trying to wean me lately and I suspect they are bred. I didn't milk them yesterday or today and the day before I only got a pint between the 2 of them. Bummer, because I LIKE my BIG mug of milk or 2 for breakfast and now I'll run out soon and have none for a couple months. I guess the periods without will keep me enjoying it so much when I have it and will give me a break from milking when it's so darned cold out.

The last milking was interesting to say the least. This whole endeavor only took a few minutes as I can milk pretty fast by hand now unless my hands are cold and the does don't take to it! (Can't say as I blame them but I do try to warm my hands up before I milk them... I REALLY DO!) The one doe was a bit "ticklish" and stomped her feet a few times. I just leaned into her and grumbled at her to stand still. She eventually gave up and decided I was going to "steal" her milk regardless so she gave up. This didn't take much as she sure didn't give me much milk at all. It was definitely not worth it. She also wasn't eating on the stand. So I unsnapped her short tether and had the end to put her back in her pen and off we start. BUT, as we started to pass the grain barrels she took her frustration out on my 14-15 year old Siamese who was sitting on one. That rascally doe grabbed the cat's tail hanging off the barrel and whipped her off and flung her! What a twit. She never slowed down with my leading her back to her pen and she never looked back at the cat either! She just flung her off in one quick and slick move and acted like it never happend! Maybe you had to be there, or maybe to know goats, but it was FUNNY except to poor Miranda who probably never knew what hit her! I do think the doe is trying to tell me I'm weaned.

I am really looking forward to the Spring kids! I can't wait to see what my "new" ND buck produces but also what a couple of the does produce. It will be exciting and it's something to look forward too!

I jot down so many notes about the critters in my calendar that I decided I can't do with those little pocket calendars any more. I found a spiral book type calendar that has lines and space to do those multiple notes every day. I was hoping to find one at a dollar store but didn't so gave up and got one at Walmart. The price was pretty decent ($3.97) so I "splurged"!

So much to do and so little time.... That seems to be a common denominator amongst all of us, but especially so when there are livestock to be taken care of, regardless of the weather or holiday or what. They are a commitment but one I cherish and enjoy most of the time!

I hope you all have a good weekend! I can't believe tomorrow is the 20th of December and so close to 2010!


  1. Goats will be goats and can do some pretty mean tricks, just cause they can. I'm sure your girls need the break from milking, as you said. I miss our goats, and the fresh milk as well. Did you get the netting fixed at the chicken pen yet? I bet Miranda has a few plans for your goat, now that she's been tossed. No one tosses a Siamise without regrets later.

  2. My milkers aren't normally mean but she sure grabbed Miranda's tail! She is also the goat queen so just below me in the pecking order (I'm herd queen and expect to stay so!). Poor Miranda is getting so old I doubt she'll do anything but avoid the goats now. It was funny though..... Never a dull moment and I sure didn't see that coming!

  3. Oh Shar I laughed so hard when I read this!! Poor kitty!

  4. I couldn't help but laugh too when it happened! Poor Miranda probably wasn't laughing being whipped around by the tail! Kendra was probably lucky that she didn't land Miranda on her own back and end up with a "jockey" to ride her back to her pen! Miranda's not sat on the grain barrels waiting for a drink of milk since, the poor old girl!