Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Horse and Buggy - DUI

Chalk this one up to the PA police department who found an Amish horse and buggy toolin' along down the road on the yellow line..... A 22 year old was cited for DUI with the horse and buggy! I read this from the AOL news which linked me to Asylum's blog at: They also have photos of the legal documents to prove it!

I also read a news report a few years ago of someone near me who was arrested for a DUI on his lawn mower. He was riding home on the shoulder of the road. The police had seen the mower parked in front of a local bar earlier.

A DUI isn't really funny and yet I had to chuckle over the lawn mower incident. It also makes me wonder if there's any record of a bicyclist being cited for a DUI.....

Maybe the lesson that should have been learned if you want to drink til you're snockered, STAY HOME and off the roads!

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