Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cream Separator

Sometimes one can feel like a kid at Christmas! This is one of those moments for me! I have found a table top cream separator that I want. The deal is at the point of waiting to hear the shipping amount so I can paypal the money for it and then waiting for it to get here. It's not a rush for it to get here as I can't use it until the goats freshen and get enough milk in that the kids can share with me. Feeding the kids comes first of course as I'm responsible for their being and care.

I've wanted to be able to make butter again as it's so expensive in the stores. It's also hard to find a decent margarine with no extra sugars (for diabetic hubby) and no trans fats. Plus hubby really likes butter and I have a problem with buying dairy items when I have milking goats!

So, I'll be another step closer to self-sufficiency. Now, I have GOT to find the electric motor and paddle for making butter. I know I kept it but when the kitchen was worked on things got moved. I remember where they use to be.... Now I need to find where they are! My butter maker was a gallon glass jar with the paddle and electric motor that sits on top. I have quite a few gallon jars of various types so that's not the problem.... it's finding that paddle and motor.

I hope I don't jinx this by posting, but, like a kid, I'm excited and "have to share"! So, now I've made 3 posts in one day - wow!

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