Monday, January 18, 2010

Did you know...

...that the gardeners at the White House are employees of the National Parks system?

...that more and more of our store bought food has more and more forms of sugar and salt added? I can't believe how many times I pick up a can of vegetables, tomatoes, etc that now list sugar as an ingredient!

...that the number of people who are learning to can at home are growing in leaps and bounds? More and more stores are also carrying canning supplies now! Also they are carrying more food preservation items for dehydrating, etc.

...that more and more people are gardening even on a small scale such as container growing of even a few of their food items?

...that more and more people are interested in or now have even a couple chickens for pets with benefits? I can't believe the number of people I'm seeing who have pet chickens, etc. There sure are a lot of websites now with chicken coops that are cute enough for a city back yard, etc.


  1. Shar, when you consider these tidbits you just shared, along with the results of that election up in Massachusetts, yesterday... I'm beginning to feel like people in this country are - genuinely - beginning to pay attention to their surroundings much more.

  2. I agree! I just wish a lot of them had done so long before this. Then we'd possibly not have lost so many jobs in this country. I use to get some pretty snarky comments because of my beliefs.