Sunday, January 17, 2010

Harness Tip

This will help regardless of the type of harness you have - horse, goat, dog, etc.

I have 2 horse harnesses of different sizes that are no longer such a job to clean! One thing I learned long long ago was to take a pic of the harness either on the animal and on a contrasting-colored floor. I use a sheet on the floor and am usually assisted by at least 1 extremely helpful cat. Then when I'm taking it apart, I disconnect it, but keep in the intact shape so it's like a puzzle put together. Then I move each set of pieces a few inches apart and another pic taken.

Now a days we have digital pics that are much much larger so this is now a much easier project ;) I'm sorry I don't have a pic to share. Mine will need to be retaken as the last pics are in a "dead" computer. Next time I will put them on a disc instead of just in my hard drive.

Additional Tip:
Be observant and if any parts such as a brow band on a head stall are curved be sure that in the photo they are laid in the proper direction. Also bits are curved and it's easy for a novice to get it it on backwards!

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