Saturday, January 9, 2010


ALREADY! Wow, it's been a busy week.

How busy is it you ask?

It's sooooo busy that I went to the "drive thru" to get the goats goatie granola for dinner!

Actually, I get my feed custom mixed now with a mix for the milkers and growing youngsters. I call and let them know when I'll be in and they just drive up to the loading ramp door and they deliver and load it for me. In all my years of of buying grain (35+) these are the NICEST and most helpful folks I've ever dealt with. They are SUPER! My feed is fresh and clean and my critters are doing awesome on it. (I'm still unloading it all - about 1200# of feed for the goats, chickens, horse and a BIG bag of doggy kibbles!)

I read someone's post on a goat group and they referred to their custom mix as goatie granola and it really gave me a chuckle and I've adopted the name since. The carry out part I came up with myself. ;)

Other than that, we've had a snow storm, hubby has had a couple dr appts, chores take longer when it's this cold out and such deep snow, got a hay delivery the day before the snow storm, got another order of hubby's home IV's and related items (that was WRONG again), visiting nurse has taken longer as there is a training-learning wound care and dressing iv piclines, I've done a bit of baking to use up some squash and bananas, we've used more fire wood with the big drop in temps so I've had to haul more in, etc. Busy busy busy! I also spend too much time on the phone with hubby's medical needs/issues. Running his IV's and dressing his foot take about 5 hours a day now (faster than before). 10 more to go and we are hoping to be done! Hopefully he's healed enough to take the stitches out Wednesday. He'll stay on the oral antibiotics for a while though.

All that and the usual stuff and the roads have been horrendous so traveling into the big city and back has taken considerably longer. I hate driving on ice as I never know what other drivers are going to do and there are tooo many IDIOTS who want to pass on ice in no passing areas of curves and hills! Of course they are usually on a cell phone too or something. I feel more than right referring to them as idiots. The freeway near us was closed both directions a couple different times with the snow storm. The weather forcasters were saying to stay home, stay off the roads and if it was an emergency and one HAD to go out, to BE CAREFUL and drive SLOWLY. Why does that always mean everyone else to so many people? Why are so many kids out and about on the roads when they are so bad school is closed? School closed should mean ( IMHO ) it's not safe for the teen drivers to be out toolin' around to visit friends and create a big dramatic story to regale til the next storm. Yes, they may need to go to work or such, but why did the others have to be out unnecessarily? (You know, the ones they interviewed on the news and said they were off to visit friends, etc.)

Supper is about ready so I need to sign off here. We're having sausage pizza melts on french bread. YUM!

I hope you all have a great weekend and stay warm & safe!

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