Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally Friday

Friday! It's finally here and it's about over! PHEW!

GOOD news today..... Hubby is done with the IV's and the visiting nurse came to check him out and remove the picline! He is down to the steri strips following the stitches being removed Wednesday. He can now walk in the house without the cane but being careful to not put weight on the inside of his foot. It's till oozy so we've used a bit of bandaging at night and tried to air dry it during the day some. I so so hope that this is the last "go-round" with diabetic foot issues, but reality is that it probably isn't. The ortho and dr have both said it most likely won't be. It's going to be a BIG challenge to try to subtly supervise his feet (sounds weird right?) but it's basically what I'll have to do. Since the stroke he doesn't "get it" with so many things and his common sense is diminished, as are the logic, reasoning and impulse control. Everyone tells me I have my hands full and job cut out for me, but no one has suggestions on how to succeed or tips to help me take care of the feet on his legs that he can't feel and neither can I. Yes, I gave him my GOOD makeup mirror that is magnified on one side and even with that he doesn't think to use it unless I remind him and he doesn't want reminded and told what to do. So it's quite a quandry to say the least!

Today I actually had time to go do chores and to take some time to sit down in the romper room (2009 does) and visit with them, check them out, handle them, marvel in their growth, watch behavior, and be chewed on, my hair pulled and noses in my face checking me out. Violet, a full Boer doe has a bit longer and very fluffy winter hair is soooo soft and cuddly. She feels like the little kids SOFT and fluffy stuffed toys. She let me hug on her and "play" in her cuddly hair - what a sweet doe she is too! My twin Boer x does (Latte and Coffee Bean) born here the beginning of August are almost as big as Violet and Mo'nique who were both born in March/April. The 3 NuPine does are growing like weeds and still very elegant looking. I can't tell about my 2 ND does. They will be a year in February and being with all the other does who are big, they just keep looking smaller and smaller.

Does this mean I don't have enough ND's to compare them with? That could be a problem! Of course I just KNOW I'll need another ND buck in another year, if that.

I've already decided I really think I need another reg Alpine doe and I really need one BADLY of course. I NEED one with color to her and a pattern so she can be bred to Nipper for mini Alpine kids and not get all black kids! Oh, I want wattles too. I LOVE wattles on a goat. (Some folks don't like them and some actually cut them off the kids at birth.)

I enjoyed my sit-down with the girls. They seemed to enjoy it too. They did seem to think it was odd that I gave them their goatie granola and hay and then came in to visit. A few thought that was rather suspicious at first and especially when I was wanting to lift feet (need to do some trimming, I do!) and heavens forbid, check the udders they don't have! After that strange human behavior and a few picture taking moments things were "tolerable" and rather enjoyable to most! A couple just plain wanted to eat, the little pigs! I guess that granola is mighty tasty!

I also had time to have a talk with the hens and remind them that the days are lengthening and I expect to find a few eggs. I had to remind them how much we farm girls like our farm fresh eggs that they are suppose to be doling out to appease me for the trade of all the feed I responsibly drag home and give them. That being, I gave them some not fresh enough sour cream and milk with some cracked corn. They really liked it so hopefully they'll decide to spare me buying store eggs again!

All in all, it's been a pretty good day and was warmer out too!


  1. Damn Blogger!!
    I just left a LONG comment and it disappeared. The gist is: I love your blog and am adding links to it on my sheep blog and my chicken blog.

    now let's see if blogger will publish THIS comment...

  2. Thank you so much!

    I better get your blog links too and get them on here as I enjoy yours and visit often!

    It is VERY frustrating to loose a whole post. We never have time to redo it and we lose the mental flow too. :(