Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Belated Update

Wow.... I've been busy.

On the 10th, my eggs came to try to hatch out the light Brahma chicks. Eggs need to set for about 24 hours to stablize the air cell in the shell from being "tossed about" in shipping. On the 11th I put the shipped eggs and my saved eggs in the incubator. I have 43 in there and have my finger crossed. I so want this to work....

Friday, the 19th we had to do some errands and get groceries. I was watching Spirit as she was very alert/vigilant and her udder had made a big progression on the 18th. When we got home from errands, she had a bit of goop and when I walked into the barn she was just a screaming at me. I quickly fed everyone and she ignored her food and continued to issue her goatie orders. I went in her pen and she immediately settled down and got quiet. She then wanted to give me a goatie bath. What a licker! We had gotten home about 4:50 and she kidded at 9 pm. It took a couple hours of course to dry the kids and get them fed. I'll introduce her twins in another post with pics!

Sunday, I was up all night except for a half hour nap and later an hour nap. I've been wiped out from loosing so much sleep and busy with taking care of Daisy and her triplets! Daisy had twins last year and kept focusing on the first born. So I knew as big as she was I needed to be there to assist with anything needed and to make sure they got dried up quickly. Our night temps are still down in the teens and low 20's. Daisy had trips and being Boer, there's a lot of ear on them. So the babies had to have those ears dry so the cold ears didn't add to all over chilling with their entry. It was a long day on Monday! And I'm still trying to recoup. I'll introduce them in another post too. I do have some pics now!

The worst part was I missed a couple of the dances on Dancing with the Stars. I had to make a couple trips to the barn during it to check on Daisy and the kids. Then when I tried to vote on line I couldn't get on the site! Bummer as I love watching and voting for this show. But, the 3 kids are eating and Daisy isn't ignoring any of them. She's got her momma game on and doing her job. We do have a huge udder that is just FULL. They should all 3 eat well!

I also had to do some more fence work as the deer took out some more of my electric fence. I kinda enjoy this time of year making a trip around part of the fence line at a time. It's a time of year to see what winter has done, what the deer have missed or damaged, and signs of spring. I also check out the fence and see what is needed to make the 2nd trip around to have a good repair done. It's also a nice relaxing time to ponder things as I like to be outside and enjoy the quiet of nature and it's soft sounds. It was a good day for that work as there weren't a lot of sounds from human things.

We're also working on trying to figure out where the cover is for our septic tank. It needs some attending and I thought the rock was on the cover. Wrong...... So I've been trying to find it digging here and there. I got hubby to start helping and he went out and filling in my holes!!!! If it was a good lawn like in town it wouldn't matter but this isn't a good lawn. It's rough digging with heavy clay soil and lots of rock. :( It needs done ASAP.

That's the highlights and of course there is all the other daily doings!


  1. Congratulations on the successful kidding! I can't wait to see pictures.

    I've got 2 months 'till lambing and I'm in no hurry what-so-ever!

  2. Thanks, Nancy!

    I'm glad you do have a bit of time so you can finish dealing with recovering from the accident.

    Are you going to take a little break in incubating so you don't have a hatch during lambing?