Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm soooo excited....

... my eggs are hatching! There are 3 chicks out and half a dozen eggs pipped. Every now and then there's a "cheap-in". I so hope that at least 50% and preferably 75% hatch with most of them being pullets! I have a cheap incubator so I can't expect as good a hatch as a quality incubator would do. Also shipped eggs don't have as high a hatch rate as fresh from the coop. Most of my hens are very young and just started to lay so may not be as fertile yet. I lost my blue roo, Blue Man (after the Blue Man group), and the black roo had just started mating with the hens so he wasn't as agile yet as he'll become.

At least I know I can successfully operate this incubator successfully!

Pics coming soon!

I've gotten some major fence work done so haven't had as much computer time lately. I have decided where to put the new fence line in and just need to get out to drive posts and start wiring it. I'll do this in stages as I need the deer to realize there is a repaired fence line running out to the new back line. The deer are a major headache with my fence. We've gotten some NICE weather the last few days and I have to take advantage of that for outside work.

Plus, my break line broke on my van. It will be back tomorrow.

Then I can go buy a refrigerator as the freezer in mine has croaked. This isn't a good time as I'm milking so can't keep my milk near cold enough. (I'm just grateful it's not mid-Summer!!!) Service calls to the country are $100 so I might be able to buy a good used one for what it would cost to repair this one. Do I put this one in the barn for use as storage of grooming tools, work tools, fencing "junque", etc or be rid of it? It might be handy to have a place to put the supplements and wormers and such during good weather too. Oh, and kidding supplies such as all the blankies, baby coats, towels, etc. Maybe I better try it out for storage. It can go to recyling if I don't find it real handy.

The septic problem is RESOLVED! FINALLY! Now I need to get the dishes and laundry caught up and that's going to be a major project unfortunately.

I'm still waiting on Claire to have her kids. What a huge belly she's swinging as she waddles along!

Raquel and Danika are now doing milking boot camp and jumping up on the stand to get some food while I pet and handle them. They're VERY ticklish and boy can a young goat hop in the back end! I swear they're trying to do a front leg "hand-stand"! They look like they'll have nice teats to milk and nice udders. Their udders aren't bagged up enough to know for sure yet but I can see the udder and teats as they are walking away from me! I like what I see so far! Kendra, their dam, is VERY easy to milk. She has a nice udder, NICE teats, NICE orifices, and NICE production. She's milking over a gallon a day already!

Busy? Who me? lol This is country life and life in general.


  1. That is exciting! Your hatching eggs I mean. For the rest, it sounds like you're very busy, and that's a very good thing.

  2. I have never had any luck with incubators no matter how hard I tried! Congratulations on your peeps!

  3. Thank you, Leigh and Tammy! This is my first hatch and they aren't done yet! I hear that if they are a bit chilled it can delay hatching so I'm still waiting to see if more will hatch. There are 2 pipped eggs yet. So far 14 have hatched successfully. Three are from the shipped eggs and the other 11 and 2 pipped are from my hens.

    This may be addicting! I guess there are worse things to do.

    I'm going to set another clutch in the "electric hen" mid week. I have some more eggs coming from a different person.

    I can't wait til they fluff up better and can take some pics. A couple are a bluish-yellow tint. I'm suspecting they may be from Blue Man and the buff Orpington hen. They do have feathered feet so maybe the blue cochins start out this color. I'll find out soon enough I guess!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I greatly appreciate your posts!