Sunday, March 7, 2010


Daisy is a 75% Boer x 25% Alpine doe and the sweetest goat one could have! She LOVES people and doesn't have a mean bone to her. She's bottom of the pecking order and shouldn't have to be but she's just not competitive. She's white with a heavily roaned, red cape that is hard to see. She has horns that she NEVER uses except to scratch herself with a dreamy look of enjoyment to her face. She doesn't like her horns to touch us and ALWAYS moves her head if there's even light contact with them. She passed that kindness and like of humans to her 2 doelings SHE raised last year. They are as chummy as she is and just "dolls". That was her first kidding - 2 doelings that we also adore.
Daisy was stalled (Oct 16) with a young buck (98% & caped), Maury, who was also very nice disposition wise and handsome! I can't wait to see what she produces this time! She's getting very close and is spending a LOT of time laying down. In fact the other day, hubby went in to trim on her feet and she layed with her head in his lap and fell asleep!
Daisy brought her udder and milking through the Alpine side and she has a beautiful udder for being a higher % Boer! She's bagged up, swollen behind, very loose in the ligaments and looking read to go soon. She's had a couple days of her tail looking like it's been "slimed" some so I'm thinking that was maybe her plug or she's just CLOSE.
Sorry for the crappy pics. I had to take them in the barn to get them still enough to get pics and it still wasn't easy as Daisy is a doe who's either standing up on the gate to be loved on or eating. I thought you might like to guess when Daisy will kid, what she'll have and how many. The pics are here to help you guess. She has her hair coat roughed up as she's been rubbing her horn on herself making her look rough. She's thinner over the spine this year and I'm giving her what seems to me too much grain mix. It has alfalfa pellets, black-oil sun flower seeds and beat pulp in it so they can be given more than one would like but..... Also, this is her 2nd freshening.
Leave a comment and lets see who gets what right and who's closest to her
kidding time.

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