Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spirit's Twins

Spirit kidded twins on the 19th! What a WONDERFUL way to start kidding season! Spirit is fairly new here and she's also one of the sweetest goats there is. She insisted at the start of labor that she wasn't doing this alone and I was EXPECTED to be right there holding her hoof, massaging her neck and withers and coaching. When I THOUGHT I was leaving her side for a bit she was at the gate SCREAMING bloody murder for me to get right back there! After all, I forgot to ask if I could leave and she'd never have agreed in the first place. I had a job to be doing and she fully expected my presence and cooperation.

In my defense, I only wanted to go get towels, sweats for the kids (is was evening and daylight was soon to be gone.

Spoiled goat that she is, I hurried to get the towels and then hurried back to her side as a good goatie owner SHOULD!

And, who would have wanted to miss the birth of these 2 darlings?
Here's Becca (as in Rebecca) and what a doll she is! This little doeling (below) is technically, per the registery, a two-toned chamoisee but she has the cou blanc pattern. Cou blanc requires all black for the rear and she has the brown of the chamoisee on her sides and the black trim that goes with it. You can call her color/pattern what you want, but she's gorgeous either way! In non-goat terms, she's black, brown and white. Meet Bandit! He's wearing a mask and stealing hearts! What a sweet and charming little buckling he is! He's a chamoisse with no white! In non-goat terms, he's brown with black trim. If you think he's cute here you should see him in person! He's gorgeous! I'm not sure how I got this pic as they stand still for less time that the delay on a digital camera is. I have never taken so many blurry pics! And then all of a sudden the camera and Bandit had a brief moment of cooperation!

Spirit and her beau, Mikey, did a FABULOUS job! I'm really tickled to have the opportunity to own this wonderful doe and now these to GORGEOUS kids! All 3 will be staying here!
A HUGE thank you to Udder-Paradise for allowing me to own Spirit and these 2 remarkable kids! I can't thank them enough!

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